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You need a complete website from scratch? I am the right person for the job.

Who am i?

I have been working as full-time developer for the last 10 years and during that time I managed to create countless sites, over 200 more precisely. I can develop a completely new website from scratch and I can make it work modern, professional and perfect in any way within hours.


Ecommerce website

This has been one of my first and major projects where I was abler to create a completely new eCommerce site that generates income, sends them directly to bank account. Other features include auto updating of the products, auto update of the prices and so much more.

An advanced blog

Yes, I have been making blogs as well. Don’t think that they are the same as any other WP site. My sites are more advanced, more beautiful, and more sophisticated in the lack of a better word.

One site with multiple options

The site you are looking was developed to work as a social media but with a paired ads section. Now, it is one of the largest in the country and one that has over 3 million daily users. Sounds good? It is an appealing choice for newbies, for those who want to chat and have fun, but also marketers.

Perfect service I must add. Everything was smooth and without a single problem.
Brian Paristen,
I am more than just happy. We ordered 2 sites and they were created before the deadline and they work perfectly in any way you can imagine.
Jessica Smith,
Wow. The site I got was so sophisticated that I literally cannot explain it with my words.
Robert Atkinson,

Here you can see all or a part of the offers I have been developing for you.

If you want to know more about my works and my success, please check this section.

Blog Posts

Rootstack Explains What Is Cyberwar

Cyberwarfare is an increasingly real problem in today’s world, and the impact of this type of warfare is far-reaching. It can affect real-world infrastructure, military systems, and industrial control systems. Rootstack’s cybersecurity team has a deep understanding of what cyberwarfare is and how it could impact our daily lives.

Non-kinetic cyberwarfare

The scope of non-kinetic cyberwarfare is still debated. This kind of warfare is not associated with actual physical battles, but involves man-made cyber-environments and other forms of information warfare. While the terminology for non-kinetic cyberwarfare is still in flux, there is no doubt that it is a growing concern for military and security forces.

The use of non-kinetic cyberwarfare has a wide range of potential uses and is increasingly common in military and political contexts. While it is often attributed to terrorists fighting an asymmetrical war, it is also used by nation-states. Military and political leaders often use different definitions for these technologies, but it’s important to distinguish between them to make the most informed decision.

Impact of cyberwar on real-world infrastructure

Cyberweapons are enabling malicious actors to attack and disrupt critical infrastructure. For example, in Ukraine, a cyberattack on a key part of the electrical grid caused widespread blackouts for hundreds of thousands of people. Though the disruptions were temporary, they do highlight the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to cyber attacks.

Cyberwarfare is a multi-pronged attack, with a goal to weaken another nation. The goal is to disrupt an enemy’s infrastructure, undermine its military, or create an environment that facilitates physical attacks. Examples of cyberwarfare include the Stuxnet worm that attacked Iran’s nuclear program and became one of the largest cyberattacks in history. The worm infected Universal Serial Bus devices and targeted computer systems used for supervisory control and data acquisition. While Stuxnet didn’t destroy the Iranian nuclear facility, it severely damaged Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons.

In addition to affecting the economic and political system, cyberattacks can affect the way we live. They can disrupt critical supplies, raising costs for millions of Americans. For example, attacks on electric utilities can cause power outages for millions of people. They can also threaten human life. Attacks on water treatment facilities could poison our water supply.

Impact of cyberwar on military systems

Cyber-attacks have the potential to render conventional warfare systems obsolete. Without cyber-attack capabilities, traditional systems will not be able to provide adequate protection and may even be of no use in the future. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, attacks could reach more civilian computer systems. Because of this, the military has tried to isolate itself from civilian systems. Yet, it cannot avoid the influx of cyber-attacks.

The first major cyber-physical attack against critical industrial infrastructure occurred in 2009 when Iran’s centrifuges were targeted by a computer worm inserted into a memory stick flash-drive. The attackers used a Microsoft Windows operating system and a malicious computer worm named “”Stuxnet”” to compromise the Iranian centrifuges. Siemens claimed the attack was an industrial espionage scheme, while Iran claimed the attack was an attempt to disrupt its nuclear program.

Impact of cyberwar on industrial control systems

As the threat of cyberwar on industrial control systems grows, it is imperative for organizations to take measures to protect their industrial control systems. Successful attacks can result in production losses, the compromise of proprietary information, and even damage to the environment and human health. Furthermore, it can affect a company’s ability to meet mandatory regulations. Therefore, it is vital for manufacturers to take steps to protect their systems.

According to the Organization of American States, a recent study found that cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure systems have become more sophisticated. It found that 54% of 500 critical infrastructure suppliers in the US reported being attacked, with most of the attacks aimed at shutting down systems or controlling equipment. The researchers noted that the threat was getting more sophisticated, and that the threat was becoming more widespread and effective. Moreover, the attackers have turned their attention to operational technology, the most vulnerable part of today’s industrial control systems.

Defining cyberwarfare

Cyberwarfare is a type of warfare that involves the use of cyberattacks against enemy states. These attacks can be just as damaging as actual warfare because they can interfere with crucial computer systems. They can be used for economic warfare, espionage, and propaganda. It can also be used to disrupt an enemy’s military plans.

Cyberwarfare often targets military networks and big industrial control systems. However, with the rise of Internet of Things technology, the battle may soon come into our homes. Cyberattacks are a global concern. However, governments and organizations should be aware of the risks. They must take appropriate steps to protect themselves and their national security.

Cyberattacks have the potential to cause physical harm. The impact of such attacks depends on the type and target. Cyberattacks can disrupt internet services, destroy sensitive data, and even cause physical damage. They can be used as part of a traditional military campaign or a standalone attack.

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