Top Best 5 PHP Tips and Tricks for Developers

When it is something to do with website development, a good number of developers sometimes are faced with numerous challenges and require some assistance with tips and tricks on how to improve their websites. For new brooms, developing a site in PHP is just but a piece of cake. The tedious strenuous work will get sorted with some tips and tricks for beginners for optimal PHP website.

In the sphere of web development, PHP is the most adored and widely spread used languages that web developers use and recommend for website building. One of the rare benefits of PHP development is that it comes along with a Guide and the first tips and tricks available on the PHP website. More so, a PHP developer gets to work on the best CMSs and frameworks that are available to work for you.

This article outlays the top best five tips and tricks on PHP for web development to give you a hassle-free and professional life in Web Development.

1. Class Auto-loading

Let’s look at what you need to do when creating a class file. Ascertain that the class you are working on is obtainable in the page you are using. It usually doesn’t present any challenge; now include the PHP file containing the class.

There are a large number of classes to use with the code, then what? You can use a common header file and include all classes, or specifically include only the ones you will use on that page. You may need to include other new classes at some point if you need to use a different one. But this could be avoided if you use Auto-loading, such that you do not have to include some classes that you will be required to delete later or might not get used at all. Auto-loading classes pre-empt the eventualities, meaning it will send an error message notifying that you did not include the class file and or most commonly, enables you to include the file that you prefer.

2. Use the _once() function cautiously

The function include() or require() are usually used when calling other libraries, files, or classes. Note that include() gives a warning; not found the file, proceed execution, while require() gives a critical error, stopping the execution. These functions are unclear, and you need to look at the 101 PHP manual.
You can still use the functions; include_eleven() and require_eleven(), that are similar but will stop the loaded libraries, files, or classes to re-load resulting to wrong states in the code or duplication. It will present reduced performance though it’s an excellent procedure to get priority. So, it is essential for a developer to be keen and avoid such duplications by going through the code and everything that appertains to it.

3. In need of a Framework? Use One

A myriad of web developers thinks that a framework is much slower than a PHP, and is tedious. However, you need to familiarize yourself with how the frameworks ( functions are operated to aid you to do the tedious work. In actual sense, this is the real swap here, and additionally, it leaves no chances for you to write wrong codes when someone has already written most of it for you.

4. You can draw before coding

Wireframe your projects, and this could be a good thing for you as a web developer including some sketches on paper. You need to thoroughly and thoughtfully work out the mechanics of your application before coding. Prior planning is vital, as it will point out areas that require more attention and denote any foreseeable difficulties enabling you to avoid hitches with the face-palm when you suddenly detect that all you have just done is wrong.


PHP stands out as one of the best available programming language, an open source for web developing. As a web developer innovation is paramount and getting to learn about PHP tips and tricks to better the performance in developing websites is ultimately the way to go. Using PHP for web development is easy, and it will pay if you take some of your time to learn some tips and tricks on web development in PHP.
Using PHP for web development is quicker, gives better performance, and you achieve a unique lightweight website.

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