Learning a new language is always challenging, but with some help and great tools, it is much less daunting. We have gathered sites and tutorials to help you on your journey of becoming a PHP3 superhero. By using these tutorials, information sites, and the articles on this blog, you will fast be on your way to success.

1. This is a link to a book that will assist you in building dynamic Web applications.

2. Wired offers a PHP tutorial that is very thorough and helpful. It explains what PHP is, what it is used for, and how to start your first code. This will definitely help you understand PHP3 better.

3. Code School offers information and courses on using PHP. It is another great guide for helping you get started.

4. offers free courses in various IT and computer-related fields. Browse the site to find the courses that will help you understand, learn and use PHP3.

5. Home and Learn is another site that offers free information. Here you can access free tutorials that explain what PHP is, what you need to get started, what variables are and how to use them, how to work with HTML, etc. It is a great resource and tool and you should definitely have look.

6. A post about creative ways in which you can use PHP. Once you have got the basics down, you can try some of these.–net-4714

7. For our more advanced readers or those who have at least kicked off the training wheels, this site gives tips on optimizing the code on your website.

We hope these tools offer you great advice and tips to get started and develop your PHP skills.