Best Laptops for Programmers: Windows vs Mac

Why does a programmer need a good laptop?

Programming is regarded as the cornerstone of a host of innovations in the 21st century. Whether it’s the internet or handheld devices, programming has an important role to play in modern day life. That said, the best results are often achieved when the programmer is equipped with the appropriate resources. This includes using a good laptop, that is capable of handling different types of compilers and programming languages. Perhaps one of the most notable debates when it comes to choosing laptops includes the best laptops for programmers windows vs. mac.
While the mac and Windows Computer are common brands globally, both have unique characteristics to which need to be considered for programming purposes. Before settling on a particular brand, it’s important to note that the programming needs and skills of every programmer tend to be different.


Before the unveiling of the OS X, Microsoft was the popular computer across all computing fronts. Of course, Apple computers have always been exceptional machines for programming. A recent study conducted by Stack Overflow in 2016 showed that OS X was the most used Desktop Operating System. Windows 7 and Linux, were the runners-up in the study. The following year, the performance of Mac devices increased, thereby showing that the trend is real.
More and more programmers are increasingly using Mac operating systems for development purposes. Why programmers love the Mac:

Unix command line: For well over one decade, Apple`s OS had been built on top of Unix, which is a command line that powers most of filesystems and servers all over the world. However, OS X is regarded as a fully featured UNIX OS.

Cross Compatibility

broadly speaking, OS X lets you test windows programs. That said, it is difficult to run OS X on windows or even a Linux computer. More so, you may have to find and install compromised versions of the OS X.

Hardware and software

In most cases, most mac devices have a solid appeal and exceptional design aesthetics over the windows brands. Also, the mac software tends to be malware resistant, though they are mostly available for purchase.


While Windows has been the cornerstone of most computing activities over the years, the Mac computers are a huge completion. Nevertheless, Windows computers are still excellent for programming purposes. In most cases, windows are ideal for various types of programming languages such as Html, CSS, MySQL, just to name a few. Besides that, it’s also one of the most popular operating systems all over the world. As a result, developing programs on the Windows OS platform does well to provide a competitive edge over other programming languages such as Mac and OS. Some of the key features of the windows OX that make it suitable for programming include:


perhaps one of the most notable benefits of the Windows OS is that it is compatible with various types of devices and brand computers. As a result, most programmers find it convenient to use for basic programming projects.


Tbesides that, windows is also rated as one of the most popular computer brands in the world, meaning there are a lot more potential laptops for programmers out there to choose from. As a result, testing for any compromises in software and hardware performance is simple.
Hardware and software- similar to the Mac computers, the windows computers are available with various features, and this often correlates to your spending power.

Final thoughts

In summary, programming is one of the most innovative technologies ever developed in the entire history of man. To come up with the best and most useful computer programs, it’s important to make informed decisions. For instance, a good place to start would be the best laptops for programmers windows vs. mac debate. Equipped with this type of information, the programmer can be in a better decision to make informed decisions. Programming is sometimes a demanding task, which requires the best resources.

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