4 Top Tips That Will Help Beginners Get Started with PHP Scripting Language

There is a multitude of websites and blogs with many tips and tricks on PHP, how to learn it, and how to use it. We have compiled a few simple tips for developers who are just starting out with PHP. Previous programming or developing knowledge might be to your disadvantage if you don’t know how to use and run PHP code properly. Before you start coding or uploading, take a look at these tips.

1. Was everything installed and configured correctly?

Sometimes when you upload your first PHP Web page, you find that you can only see the source code and not the actual content. This happens because the Web server doesn’t know it has to pass the code to the PHP interpreter. Make sure to associate the PHP file with the PHP interpreter.

2. Allow PHP to identify your errors

You can tell PHP and the Apache Web server to notify you of certain errors. You can tell it which types of errors must be reported as well as when. It takes simple instructions to set this up.

3. Call your headers first

It is important to remember to call your headers first before you insert any HTML or PHP output. This is especially important when you are working with cookies. Blank lines cause PHP to transmit standard HTTP headers. This will lead to a lot of frustration when things aren’t working like they should. Avoid this by checking for blank lines and calling headers first.

4. Let the database do the work

PHP is often used together with MySQL and it is wise to learn SQL as well. Using MySQL will help you write faster PHP scripts as MySQL will do its work instead of PHP. If you can use these two together, you will have a much faster scripting process.

With these 4 tips, you will find that using PHP is much easier. It is easy to use, to begin with, but previous knowledge might cause you some problems. Consider these tips to help you use PHP more effectively.

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